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Our Gardens

Garden #1
This treasure is located downtown in an area known for its magnificent old oak trees. Stroll up and down the block before walking into the traditional and cottage garden with unique container gardens and marvelous bloom-filled beds. 
Garden #2
Downtown small lot garden with innovative use of hardscape to create a welcoming outdoor room for entertaining and family fun. A spa-pool offers year round water relaxation. Tucked behind the garage is a unique tiered vegetable garden, making the most of limited space. 
Garden #3
Drive to the Copeland School area, and enjoy a garden renovation now focusing on native plants for birds and butterflies. Paths wind through interesting specimens and peaceful spaces.
Garden #4
Located in the Interlaken subdivision area, these homeowners invested time and patience to create a private refuge within tight neighborhood backyards. A variety of shrubs and ornamental trees cordon off a patio and fire pit; bright container gardens bring in color; an enormous Jackmanii clematis climbs up the garage wall.
Garden #5:
Near Old School Preserve, this large three acre lot is in the midst of an ongoing restoration from the scourge of buckthorn to the beauty of open space and native plants. Wood beam art, winding paths, a beautiful patio and fire pit, and a waterfall are just a few features of this amazing property.