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Hidden Gems Garden Walk

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do online ticket buyers pick up brochure and map?
     Pick up tickets ON THE DAY OF WALK at 740 Oak Spring Lane

2. Where can I buy tickets day-of?
     $25 at 740 Oak Spring Lane, if available. Ticket sales are capped at 500 for 2024. Availablity will be noted on Facebook and the Home page and Garden Walk page of this website

3. If I have a beautiful program brochure, with map link and property descriptions, where do I start walk?
At any of the Five Garden locations!

4. Do we walk or drive between garden sites?
     Our Gardens are located throughout Libertyville so patrons will drive from site to site. A QR code linked to a google map is available on the printed ticket. All online ticket patrons pick up their tickets at 740 Oak Spring Lane.

5. Do I have to start the walk at 10 a.m.?
     Ticket holders can begin anytime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. - Keep in mind, the walk can take a couple hours or more to complete, especially if you spend time chatting with owners.

6. Can I pick up my online tickets before Saturday, June 24?
     Online tickets can be picked up on Farmer's Market Thursdays. For this year's walk, that opportunity is closed after Thursday, June 26. Online ticket pickup is ON THE DAY OF THE WALK, a740 Oak Spring Lane

7. Can I bring my child?
​This event is best suited to children over the age of 12. There are safety hazards (pools, stones, ponds) and children often do not understand that they should not walk in flower beds or pull/pick the flowers our homeowners generously allow patrons to view. That said,  younger children can accompany parents but MUST be carried or held by the hand AT ALL TIMES. No strollers. Please do not make our gardeners or Club Members feel called to intervene; your understanding and courteous in this manner is appreciated. 

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