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Colorful Pens

Featured Artists

An exciting new add this season is a featured natural material artists at each walk site,

displaying and selling their work (bring your pocket book!). 

Roberto Ferrer, Ferrer Studio
A wood artist, a woodturner, a demonstrator, a teacher, a husband, a father...but most importantly I am a person who is passionate about art and wants to share this passion through my work. 
Watch a video by PBS about Ferrer Studio:

Samantha Gallagher
I create scientific illustrations of (mostly) insects and vibrant non-scientific art. I'm a freelance illustrator and mural artist, Using specimens, my microscope, and photographs, I create realistic illustrations of insects using traditional methods such as graphite (black and white), ink (stippling), or colored pencils and inks.

Dot's Recycling by Karen Hoyer
Karen Hoyer has been performing as Dot for years but she's a not-so-secret crafter who grew up with her dad's philosophy of "this'll come in handy some day." Recycling old jeans into purses, blankets, pillows, skirts, kid's toys and even desk accessories was the beginning.  Fabric, yarn, wire, cardboard, who knows what else she'll find to transform thru recycling. 

Mayfly Upcycle Design
Artists Jody and Brett May create fun and functional home and garden decor items, upcycling furniture, wood, cork, fabric, yarn and many other materials for reuse and continued enjoyment.
Their work is often found at Reclaimed Artisans in Libertyville.
Pink Columbine.jpg

Philip Schorn

My art is not just another drawing, it is an art form that requires patience, skill and the ability to envision the entire rendering. I can look at the ground and I see the shapes, light and shadows. In my drawings, I focus on realism and to put in as much detail as possible. I want the viewer to see more than they thought was there.

I have found that life is, in the details.

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